Pastor McLaughlin’s Classes

Students in 2 Corinthians already have all the materials they need to finish the course, except for the exam. Pastor McLaughlin will email additional notes to the students in his Hosea class. Both classes will receive exams by email. Stay tuned for possible audio lectures.

Pastor Currie’s Classes

Pastor Currie has recorded videos for his classes that will be available on the class pages. A password will be needed to open the pages. You will receive this password by email.

Pastor Holloway’s Classes

Pastor Holloway is teaching Group Voice Lessons 2 “live” with Zoom at the usual meeting time. He is recording lectures and providing handouts for the Comparative Religions & Cults class. As they are uploaded, they can be found on the password-protected “Cults” webpage listed on the menu under “Holloway.”

Dr. Fenner’s Classes

Dr. Fenner is conducting “live” classes with Zoom. Classes will meet at the regular times through April 14. Students received an email with the meeting information. Recordings will be posted for those who are unable to attend.

Pastor Eldridge’s Classes

Pastor Eldridge is using Google Classroom. He is contacting students with the information they need to participate. If you need to reach Pastor Eldridge, you can email him at [email protected] or call him at Grace Baptist Church at (248) 646-2000 ext. 5.

Dr. Wagner’s Classes

Dr. Wagner has contacted the students in both of his classes with the materials they will need to complete their courses. If you did not receive these, please contact the Registrar at [email protected] or call Grace Baptist Church at (248) 646-2000 ext. 2.