Pastor Currie’s Classes

Pastor Currie has recorded videos for his classes that will be available on the class pages. A password will be needed to open the pages. You will receive this password by email.

9 thoughts on “Pastor Currie’s Classes”

  1. Beverly Outland

    To Pastor McLaughlin Hosea class
    To Pastor Currie – Historic Books
    To Pastor Hurley – General Epistles

    It would be helpful if any post had the date of the post thank you

    1. The videos for Pastor Currie’s Historical Books are now dated. I (the webmaster) trust you have been contacted by both Pastor Hurley and Pastor McLaughlin.

    1. I am hoping you received the password by email. If you did not, please contact Pastor Currie or Shawna Fenner.

    1. A password was emailed to all students last week by Shawna Fenner. Please contact Pastor Currie if you did not receive this email.

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